Who are you and why do you do what you do?

Hi! My name is Aaron Brazell and I’m a professional PHP developer. Let me help you succeed.

For over 13 years, I have worked on the web. In the early days, I helped build out a blog network of – at it’s peak – over 350 WordPress sites siloed around concepts of celebrities, sports, finance, etc. In those days, we didn’t have the modern amenities of WordPress, such as a reliable and mature Multisite configuration or REST API. We had to develop hand-rolled tools to ensure that our network of sites were able to communicate effectively with each other. It was hard. Very, very hard. But we did it. Collectively, we served over 500M pageviews per month across all properties.

Later in my career, I spent a lot of time freelancing and helping varieties of clients with their WordPress sites. My favorite was a network of sites that enabled people looking to have cosmetic medical procedures performed to find medical professionals within their geographic area that performed the procedures they wanted.

I also was a co-founder of WP Engine, but left before they got massive. In fact, when I left, there were only 3 people still there. The fun part of this early process is figuring out what we were building. We had the concept – highly performant, managed, WordPress hosting. It was fun to be in a startup mode and see the company grow from friend and family invite, to private beta, to full fledge launch in a period of months. In many ways, I regret having left.

More recently, I have worked with two agencies to provide WordPress solutions to enterprise clients. These experiences have taught me well how to work within a team, the necessity of dedicated QA, workflows, and of course… modern PHP!

This site is a culmination of a “developer’s resumé”. It is meant to show what I have done in the form of a traditional resumé, what I can do – in the form of a small project building a WordPress plugin using modern PHP standards and practices – and why I do it the way I do, in the form of this site and this series.